Boston is always physically tough to play against, we can beat them but if we can avoid them its in our best interest.

Same thing with Toronto, things are always a battle with them regardless of whether one team is miles better than the other. Toronto's speed is difficult to play against for us. The rest of the division I'm not concerned about though. We also beat Columbus while they were in their peak this season, twice. Which is why I'd rather Columbus and then a home series in round 2 than a tor/fla/bos followed by a road series at mtl. But that's also assuming the Rangers snag 3rd in the metro which is far from guaranteed.

StillI I feel that two things are becoming clear based on the moves over the past 2 days:

  1. Management likely isn't jumping on Duchene (I, for one, am happy about this) unless a NHL forward is part of the deal going back. We now have 15 forwards if Lazar doesn't get traded. So I doubt we'll see a Ceci 1st prospect(s) trade.
  2. Neil may have played his last game. I mean, it's been clear for a while that he's being phased out of the line-up but with management now grabbing 3 bottom six RWs over the season, it'll be hard for Neil to crack the lineup. But I could be wrong, the team might want him to fulfill the punching bag role if we play MTL or TOR in the playoffs.