We budget $150 a month. Since the beginning of December I've spent $450 ish, $250 of which was ski lift tickets for myself and 3 others. The skiing can be under health and fitness though if you were being creative.

Netflix and cineplex takes the rest of it mostly.

But we also classify beer under food/drinks too. And we paid ahead for our NHL game centre months ago, so that isn't included either. But I just canceled my son's WoW subscription. Dining out is also under my food/drinks category and we do it maybe twice a month.

I think we've spent $1,900 on Food and Dining since Dec. Most of it eating out as a family, maybe with my oldest son's girlfriend coming along. I budget $420 a month, and typically go over it by around $10-$50. Especially during the Dec-Feb time frame.

A lot of birthday and Christmas dinners to attend.

My brother and his family have it good. Their budget looks like this:

$7.99 for Netflix. Food out? My sister-in-law works in restaurant and brings home Thai food everyday. Books and DVDs from library. Taking walks and phone photography. Cooking at home. That's it.

Together they make good money, but they are happy simple. Still In the past it was the opposite for each of them before we met.