I saw a budget for having a baby, granted these are just the basics, but I wanted to weigh in and give my two center.

  • Diapers - $150 / month
  • Clothes - $100 / month
  • College - $150 / month

Our diaper budget went way down to ~30$/mo after 8 months. When they're little you're looking at 12-15 diapers a day but as they get bigger and concentrate all the poops into a few biggies a day the number shrinks. We go through 4-6 diaper a day now.

Clothing budget is a wee bit high I think.

Don't buy super expensive stuff for the baby. Family/friends will buy a lot of things. All you need for the first 3 months is maybe 5-10 onesies, 5-10 pajamas, and a couple pants/sweaters. All that stuff is cheap. It's the cute stuff you can't resist that gets pricey but you can get all that for really cheap at ross/marshalls/walmart/etc.

You'll also only need to clothes shop ~once/3-6 months to stock a wardrobe, definitely doesn't need to be an ongoing expense.

Move the savings into incidentals (docs, soap, butt cream, whatever) and you'll probably still come out ahead of that budget depending on your success in finding sub 1000/mo daycare.