The one time that I think has been stuck in it for far too long are the Coyotes, it is true that they are doing a rebuild in the same mould of the Panthers. Duke and Domi are already proving to be actual NHL quality players.

Strome on paper is.

Mike Smith shows up on occasion. The signing of Goose brings stability to the top four. The internal cap will be shed once the team is ready to make a complete push most likely next year. Tippett has a lot of pull in the organization.

The general volatility surrounding ownership and management there, I just personally don't count on them committing to team success. I think they'll try and stay profitable by retaining some of the talented players and keeping the team interesting, and they might be willing to spend to the cap for a year or two, but there's no way they'd sustain, and that's going to shorten whatever window there might be. Mike Smith is already 34, and I've yet to see talk of a promising goaltender.

And you look at Florida, they had a good team this year and won the division, but they didn't look all that strong in the playoffs.

I see them a lot like Ottawa has been where the management seems to say "what's the least amount of money it would take to win a playoff series or at least take it to seven games?"